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Philips 16 Slice CT Scan


With real time imaging it has dramatically advanced and broadened the range of CT application to include complexities in orthopaedics , angiography, neurology & many more.


Due to fast scanning technique the need of anesthesia & sedation is greatly reduced in non co-operative and paediatric patients. It is four times faster than 4 slice CT scanner.

Denta Scan

For Dental Implant Planning Denta scan provides prepatory information. Dexascan with another tool available which readily measures calcium density of bones in no time.

3 D Contrast Angiography

This machine offers excellent non invasive alternative to angiography. CT angiography evaluation of stenosis and aneurysm (Aorta, Carotid, Pulmonary, Cerebral, Renal, Bilateral upper/lower limbs) and AV malformations

Low Dose Of Radiation

Due to true multislice rapid acquisition of images, amount of dose of radiation is minimized.

Patients Experience

  • Porwal has laid down philosophy of acquiring the technologically best machines available at that time, having the best available personnel to man those machines so that the results are accurate, reliable and reproducible. An excellent experience, I congratulate the doctors and the staff of Porwal Diagnostic

    Rahul Patel
    Aug 24, 2014