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Philips 16 Slice CT Scan


With real time imaging it has dramatically advanced and broadened the range of CT application to include complexities in orthopaedics , angiography, neurology & many more.


Due to fast scanning technique the need of anesthesia & sedation is greatly reduced in non co-operative and paediatric patients. It is four times faster than 4 slice CT scanner.

Denta Scan

For Dental Implant Planning Denta scan provides prepatory information. Dexascan with another tool available which readily measures calcium density of bones in no time.

3 D Contrast Angiography

This machine offers excellent non invasive alternative to angiography. CT angiography evaluation of stenosis and aneurysm (Aorta, Carotid, Pulmonary, Cerebral, Renal, Bilateral upper/lower limbs) and AV malformations

Low Dose Of Radiation

Due to true multislice rapid acquisition of images, amount of dose of radiation is minimized.

Patients Experience

  • Porwal Diagnostic Centre is the only diagnostic centre in Bhayender to have this instrument that is the hybrid capture instrument, a dedicated instrument for the testing to screen for Breast cancer . It is a molecular based technique where this instrument it screens and protect woman from the burden of breast cancer.

    Mihir Mistri
    May 14, 2014