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Philips Achieva 1.5 T MRI

MRI stands for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that uses magnetic fields and radio frequencies to generate detailed anatomical and functional images. MRI scans have an advantage over other forms of scanning because they can image different types of organ tissue without ionizing radiation. Philips Achieva 1.5 T MR System is one of the finest high-definition magnetic resonance systems. It provides physicians with improved image clarity, while offering a more comfortable experience for patients.

  • Witness one of the most advanced diagnostic tools available.
  • Ultrafast Examination Protocols & Excellent Image Quality.
  • Minimize the need for patient breath-holding and cooperation.
  • Improved work flow with prior patient preparation and coil application outside MR gantry room minimizing patient mobilization.
  • Generate a customized report complete with supporting images, graphs and charts.
  • Its unique technology helps solve the most challenging women's health imaging issues.
  • Offers Fast, Easy, Comfortable Bilateral Breast Exams Provides high -definition quality images.
  • High-resolution pelvic imaging.
  • Dedicated Knee Coil

How Long Will MRI Take ?

The New Achieva system is very fast. Your whole exam will be over before you know it!

The Safety Of A MRI Exam.

MRI is a safe and effective diagnostic procedure. It does not use ionizing radiation like an X-ray. As with many other medical imaging technologies, MRI scanners have been cleared by the U.S.Food and Drug Administration.

Additionally, MR system has been designed with your safety and comfort in mind. The system from- one of the most advanced MR scanners of its type-features compact, advanced coils, meaning the MRI experience is much more comfortable. If you have any implants, pacemakers or metal objects in your body, be sure to consult with your technologists prior to the exam.

Will IVS Or Shots Be Used ?

Depending on the exam, a solution called "contrast" may be administered with an IV to help improve what the physician can see. Although contrast for MRI does not contain iodine, it is still important to let your doctor know beforehand if you have any specific allergies. In addition, the technologists may hook you up to an ECG monitor.

Phillips Achieva 1.5 tesla MRIoffers fast,Easy,and comfortable MR exams for patients-with clear, sharp,and informative MR images for doctors. Helping doctors make a confident diagnosis on even the most challenging MR scans. We've thought of everything.

High resolution liver imaging and Abdominal and Pelvis organs in a single breath hold.

3 D Angiography Imaging

Newly developed Angiography software for high quality vascular imaging.

MRI Spectroscopy

MR Spectroscopy is a special technique used for characterization of the Biochemistry of Tumors, infarcts and other pathologies .

Perfusion Imaging

For Ischemic stroke , search for penumbra/mismatch corresponding to viable brain tissues, study of vasospasm in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. For brain tumors, perfusion imaging is used to evaluate neoangiogenesis and tumoral vascularisation with an impact on the diagnosis or after care treatment of certain nervous tumors (high grade Glioma,Lymphoma,Meningioma,Pilocytic Astrocytoma,Metastasisetc.)

Diffusion Imaging

For early detection of acute infarcts and in some tumors & infections.

ADC Mapping

For differentiation, when old and new strokes appears in the same brain region.

Patients Experience

  • Porwal has laid down philosophy of acquiring the technologically best machines available at that time, having the best available personnel to man those machines so that the results are accurate, reliable and reproducible. An excellent experience, I congratulate the doctors and the staff of Porwal Diagnostic

    Rahul Patel
    Aug 24, 2014