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Usually the joint inflammation goes away after the cause goes away or is treated. Sometimes it does not. When this happens, you have chronic arthritis. Our Arthritis Checkup helps to determine if those aches and pains might be signs of a more serious condition It helps us to reduce complications like Long-term (chronic) pain, Disability or Difficulty performing daily activities


Pathology Tests
  • ANA
  • ASO
  • CBC, ESR
  • CRP
  • CCP-Antibody
  • RA
  • Uric acid

Patients Experience

  • They do not compromise as far as the staff faculty is concerned, as far as the equipment is concerned. They have got A-class equipment comparable to any international laboratory and we feel proud that you know we can get a good support from a centre like this. It is a boon to the medical profession as far as Porwal Diagnostic Centre is concerned.

    Ronak Prajapati
    Jun 20, 2014